Team Vitality removes NBK from the roster

VItality announced that Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt had been removed from the core team. The published statement said that the format of the team with the two captains "has reached its limits", so the changes have become a necessity, despite the satisfactory recent results.

According to the portal, which reported changes in the composition of Vitality shortly before the official announcement, the coaching staff of the club is already negotiating with several players. It is known that one of the candidates for the vacant seat is Fabienne "kioShiMa" Fier.

Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt has represented Vitality since the formation of the squad in October last year. The greatest achievements of the French Grandeur in this period were the DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018, WePlay! Lock and Load, Charleroi Esports 2019, cs_summit 4 and ECS S7 Finals, as well as the top 8 on the StarLadder Major 2019.

The current composition of France Vitality:

France Dan "apEX" Madesclair
France Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbu
France Cedric "RpK" Goipue
United Kingdom Kingdom Alex "ALEX" McMikin

France Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt (reserve)