StarLadder Major 2019: New Legends Stage day 1 recap

The first day of the StarLadder Major 2019 group stage resulted in the participants split into subgroups of winners and losers. Finland ENCE, Denmark Astralis, USA NRG, USA Liquid, France Vitality, Europe FaZe, France G2 & Brazil MiBR will compete in a 1-0 pool,Kazakhstan AVANGAR, Russia DreamEaters, Australia Renegades, Serbia CR4ZY, Denmark North, Europe mousesports, Russia Natus Vincere и Sweden NiP are in the 0-1 pool. The second round of New Legends Stage will start today, August 29, in the format of matches until one victory.

Results of the first round of StarLadder Major 2019: New Legends Stage:

Finland ENCE 1-0 Kazakhstan AVANGAR | Overpass 16:5
Denmark Astralis 1-0 Russia DreamEaters | Dust2 16:9
USA NRG 1-0 Australia Renegades | Dust2 16:14
USA Liquid 1-0 Serbia CR4ZY | Mirage 16:9
France Vitality 1-0 Denmark North | Inferno 16:9
Europe FaZe 1-0 Europe mousesports | Mirage 16:8
Russia Natus Vincere 0-1 France G2 | Overpass 17:19
Brazil MiBR 1-0 Sweden NiP | Dust2 16:12

Seeding of the second round of StarLadder Major 2019: New Legends Stage:

11:00 Australia Renegades vs. Kazakhstan AVANGAR BO1
12:15 Russia Natus Vincere vs. Russia DreamEaters BO1
13:30 Sweden NiP vs. Serbia CR4ZY BO1
14:45 Denmark North vs. Europe mousesports BO1
16:00 USA Liquid vs. USA NRG BO1
17:15 Europe FaZe vs. France Vitality BO1
18:30 Finland ENCE vs. Brazil MiBR BO1
19:45 Denmark Astralis vs. France G2 BO1

The current StarLadder Major 2019: New Legends Stage leaderboard:

StarLadder Major 2019 started on August 23 with the New Challengers Stage, as a result of which the eight strongest teams will be included in the list of participants in the New Legends Stage, which in turn will take place from August 28 to September 1. The final part of the major - New Champions Stage - will be take place September 5-8 at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, with the participation of eight finalists of the New Legends Stage.