Astralis to Reportedly Separate From RFRSH Entertainment

Astralis will be under new ownership and split from RFRSH Entertainment in the near future. according to a report by HLTV.

As of now, RFRSH Entertainment owns Astralis as well as the BLAST Pro Series tournaments.

According to the report, Astralis has already been operating under a new company called RFRSH Teams. CEO Nikolaj Nyholm has stated key members are, "acquiring the majority shareholding of Astralis and RFRSH Teams currently held by those also involved in BLAST." The plan has been in place for two years, and soon, Astralis will be separate from the BLAST Pro Series ownership.

This has been a form of criticism for some time now, even when RFRSH owned two different teams in the same space, Heroic and Astralis. They eventually sold Heroic, but new problems arose when BLAST Pro Series came on the scene.

Nikolaj Nyholm also shared, "Two years ago we spoke about how, after a build-up phase of a model esports team, a tournament operator and a team should not have common ownership."

The move will reportedly take place before the start of the StarLadder Major.