NRG Esports Adds stanislaw, Benches daps

NRG Esports added Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz to its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster Tuesday, benching Damian "daps" Steele.

NRG announced a CS:GO roster move following the team's semifinal elimination from the ECS Season 7 Finals. Stanislaw joins the team after departing compLexity. He will take over in-game leading duties from daps, who now is a substitute.

"Daps has been with NRG CS:GO for close to two and a half years, joining an underachieving roster at the beginning of 2017. His experience and leadership in and out of game set the foundation for NRG's rise to prominence in the NA CS:GO scene, and on the world stage," NRG said in an announcement.

Daps announced he's open to any offers and opportunities elsewhere in CS:GO. He lead NRG to championships at cs_summit 3 and IEM Shanghai during his tenure.

"There was a time for me when being on a top 10 team seemed out of reach so I am happy to have helped been apart of a team that managed to stay top 10 for over a year but am also sorry to my teammates for not being able to play better as a individual or find a way to make our current lineup win events this year," daps said in a personal statement.