ESL to Use Vertigo in Upcoming CS:GO Events

ESL will use Vertigo in all of their upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments starting on May 13.

ESL confirmed in a tweet that the latest map to enter the active duty pool, Vertigo, will be played in future CS:GO tournaments hosted by the organization. At the end of March, Vertigo was added by Valve to the active duty pool of maps that will be played in the prestigious Major tournament.

In the tweet, ESL said that they reached this decision after consulting with the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association, a group of professional players that “aims to safeguard, protect and promote professional Counter-Strike players’ interests both during and after their active career.”

Vertigo will be played at all upcoming ESL One and IEM events, as well as the next ESL Pro League. This updated map pool will go into effect on May 13. Vertigo will also presumably be played at the next Major tournament hosted by StarSeries in Berlin.

The last time the active duty map pool was updated was when Dust2 was reintroduced in April 2018.