KNg Apologizes for Past Behavior With Immortals and 100 Thieves

Vito "kNg" Giuseppe posted a public apology for his past behavior while playing for Immortals and 100 Thieves. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player was released from both teams in 2017 and earlier this year.

The CS:GO player posted a Twitlonger where he publicly apologized for his past actions. During his time with Immortals, kNg threatened Pujan "FNS" Mehta over a tweet and was removed from the team following his comments. He also addressed the actions that led him to be released from 100 Thieves.

"I would also like to swallow my pride and publicly apologize to FNS. Nothing justifies how I reacted and I hope to one day see you at an event where I can take the opportunity to apologize to you in person as well," he said. "I would also like to take the time and apologize to two organizations which I have disrespected and tainted the image of: 100Thieves and Immortals. I'm ashamed of the irrational way in which I acted whilst under them as I’m genuinely proud to say that I was able to represent, even if briefly, organizations of this stature.

KNg is now playing with INTZ Esports.