Astralis Wins ECS Season 6 Finals

Astralis have stamped another victory in the "win" column after defeating MIBR 2-0 at the ECS Season 6 finals.

It was a close series, one of the closest Astralis has faced throughout the entire year.

Astralis took a 16:14 victory on Inferno while barely holding off a MIBR comeback and taking a 22:20 double-overtime victory on Overpass.

It felt from the playoffs on that these two teams were destined to play one another. Both were clearly the best teams at the tournament and once placed in opposite sides of the bracket, it was only a matter of time before they faced off.

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will hit a slight lull as the holidays approach before kicking off in the new year. There are still tournaments in December like DreamHack Winter, ESL Pro League Season 8 finals, and BLAST Pro Series Lisbon, but all eyes will be on the next Major at the end of February.

Astralis walked away with $250,000.