Katowice Reportedly Plans to Support IEM Through 2023

The city of Katowice, Poland intends on supporting IEM events in the city up until 2023, according to a report from The Esports Observer.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event organizer ESL will continue to hold IEM Katowice through 2023, The Esports Observer reported. The city of Katowice voted in favor of continuing to promote and organize IEM Katowice in its city and approved a fund of $3.38 million for the event. "Of that fund, $649,000 will go towards the 2019 event," the report read.

The city's current deal with IEM Katowice organizers was set to end after its event in 2019, but will instead continue for another five years. It is one of the largest third-party tournaments for professional CS:GO esports.

IEM Katowice will serve as the first CS:GO Major in 2019, according to an announcement from Valve. The Major will run through Feb. 14 until March 3 with the same structure as ELEAGUE and FACEIT Majors.