Vince Hill Says He Will No Longer Cast CS:GO Events

Counter-Strike caster and streamer Vince Hill he will no longer travel to cast Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events and will focus on being a streamer.

He made the announcement through YouTube on Thursday, explaining his reasons for retiring from CS:GO casting.

"Casting itself I still have a burning passion for. I love commentating, but the traveling aspect is shit," he said. Hill explained his health doesn't allow him to travel without discomfort.

He also mentioned the politics of being in the CS:GO talent scene are enough for him to leave in order to stay away from drama. "I am useless at politics," Hill said.

He did not make any promises on returning in the immediate future but added he would be open for casting online events, though he was adamant on avoiding the travel aspect of being a caster.

Hill said he will focus on Twitch as he continues his career as a streamer.