Twitch to End Ad-Free Viewing With Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime will no longer give new members an ad-free viewing experience, according to an announcement posted by Twitch on Monday.

In the announcement, Twitch explained it would begin phasing out ad-free viewing with Prime on Sept. 14. New Twitch Prime accounts made after that date will not have ad-free viewing.

Twitch Prime members with monthly subscriptions will continue to get ad-free viewing until Oct. 15. Annual subscribers and those who upgrade to an annual subscription before Sept. 14 will continue to enjoy ad-free viewing until their next renewal date.

Twitch explained that removing ad-free viewing from the Twitch Prime bonus package will allow creators more opportunities to advertise to their audiences, bringing in more income and letting them make more content.

Ad-free viewing remains possible site-wide with a subscription to Twitch Turbo and on a channel-by-channel basis with individual channel subscriptions. Twitch Prime subscriptions still qualify for ad-free viewing in that circumstance.

Twitch Prime will continue to give out free games and loot. Previous loot drops have included exclusive in-game cosmetics, such as jungle-themed and Deadmau5 clothing, for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS.