Natus Vincere Asks Fans to Help Choose New Jersey Design

As Natus Vincere prepares for upcoming esports events, the organization wants help from fans in determining which jersey to wear.

Fans can choose between three designs: the triumph (white stripe in the middle), duality (half-yellow, half-black), or carbon (mostly black). To vote, fans need to log into the Na'vi website using their Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, or Steam, which the organization says will not give them access to post anything.

Some players gave their opinions of the jerseys, with Denis "seized" Kostin declaring his support for the first design.

There is no set end date to the poll, but Na'vi wants the answer before beginning the next season of esports. Currently, the organization's next big events are DreamHack Stockholm followed by the FACEIT London Major, both of which are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments, after the organization's Dota 2 team failed to qualify for The International 8.