Astralis Enters Partnership With NOCCO Energy Drinks

Astralis, the top CS:GO team and champions of the ELEAGUE Premier 2018 has entered into a partnership with the NOCCO company.

Astralis had recently come out as the champions of the ELEAGUE Premier 2018, and are the first CS:GO Team to hold concurrent ELEAGUE, EPL, and ECS trophies. The team is currently sitting as the top CS:GO team.

Kaspar Hvidt, the Director of Sports at RFRSH, said that "It really doesn’t matter if you’re Astralis, if you play for fun or if you’re doing something completely different. You always want to perform better by staying fit and living a healthy life, and for us, it makes complete sense to work with a company like NOCCO. We strive to improve in every aspect of what we do and we strongly believe that this partnership and everything included will help us to achieve more."

Emil Dreyer, brand manager at NOCCO elaborated further, stating "NOCCO is a fitness brand and has so far been focused on the physical side of sports. We are all about performance, though, and after being introduced to Astralis and the RFRSH organization, we have no hesitation to enter the world of esports. The way RFRSH works on a strategic level and day to day to facilitate the best possible conditions for the players is on par with the best sports organizations out there, and what Astralis has achieved through dedication, skills, preparation and a willingness to go different ways is unique."