FejtZ Joins HellRaisers as Stand-In for IEM Shanghai

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team HellRaisers announced Kristjan "FejtZ" Allsaar will join as a stand-in for IEM Shanghai.

HellRaisers player Özgür "woxic" Eker is unable to attend the CS:GO event because of personal reasons, the organization explained. The player will be replaced by FejtZ for IEM Shanghai.

FejtZ played with HellRaisers in the past when the team needed a replacement for Patrik "Zero" Žúdel. "FejtZ has played for us as a stand-in before and done really well," HellRaisers said. His time as a temporary player was over when HellRaisers added Vladyslav "bondik" Nechyporchuk.

IEM Shanghai was originally scheduled for July but was later rescheduled for August during the player break -- a short vacation for players to enjoy after a busy summer season and before the beginning of the fall schedule. Because of the schedule change, IEM Shanghai won't count toward the Intel Grand Slam, which means many prominent teams are not in attendance.