Cloud9 Partners With the US Air Force

Cloud9 has announced a partnership with the United States Air Force to collaborate on activations and unique content in multiple deals.

Cloud9's partnership with the Air Force will take off with a number of videos made around the ELEAGUE studios in Atlanta during the team's upcoming Counter-Strike tournament. The first video will show Cloud9 touring Dobbins Air Reserve Base, an air force base in Georgia. Also, as shown in the promotional video announcing the partnership starring Will "RUSH" Wierzba, the US Air Force logo will appear on Cloud9 jerseys.

The ELEAGUE partnership with the Air Force expands on a previous deal made between the two that began at the ELEAGUE Boston Major. The duo will collaborate on a number of promotions including "ELEAGUE at the Base," which will be based around specialized content at Air Force bases, "'Tactics' Presented By ELEAGUE," which breaks down very strategic rounds from games on stream, and the trophy will be presented by the Air Force.