Valve Releases CS:GO Panorama UI to Live Servers

Valve updated Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to allow users to opt into the new Panorama UI, in addition to updating some features of the HUD, and select CS:GO maps.

In the CS:GO update, players can opt into using the new user interface on Windows and play with friends by adding -panorama to the game's launch options. This comes only two and a half weeks after the interface was introduced to the game's beta.

Additionally, some minor changes have occurred to other aspects of the game. The HUD has been changed slightly and has been optimized to hopefully be more intuitive and user friendly.

There were some changes to some of the maps, including Mirage, Overpass and Cache. These changes were small and mainly just tried to fix bugs that occurred in each map and do not affect the map too much. On Mirage, Valve adjusted player collision by the bench wall at the B bomb site, on overpass it fixed "several bomb-stuck spots," and on Cache it updated the radar map image.

Finally, there has been some increased brightness and adjusted vignetting on the map loading screen images that pop up before every game.