Finnish National TV Channel YLE Acquires Rights to Top CS:GO Events

YLE, the national TV channel in Finland, has obtained the broadcast rights for some of the biggest events in the CS:GO schedule this year.

The events that the Finnish broadcast company acquired were for ESL One Cologne 2018, DreamHack Masters Stockholm, the FACEIT Major and Blast Pro Series Istanbul. These are some of the biggest events that will take place across the calendar year and will have plenty of prize money and glory up for grabs.

YLE is the Finnish equivalent to the BBC in Britain and is largely modeled after its British equivalent. The company has been in existence since 1926 and is funded by taxes the Finnish population pays to the government. The channel has a 45.2% market share on television viewers in the country, making it the most popular in Finland.

However, YLE is no stranger to broadcasting CS:GO events as it has already done so in the past. Previously, the Finnish LAN Assembly Summer and some majors have been shown on the channel.

For the scene as a whole, this is really good as it brings CS:GO as an esport to a greater audience and into the homes of many people. Seeing this happen in Finland gives hope to other countries that do not have esports on TV yet.

This story is one step forward in the evolution of the game and esports to integrating itself into modern day culture.