Sadokist returns to Twitch

The end of his ban from the streaming service means he can return to commentating events.

Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett has returned to the online land with a Twitch stream, after being unbanned from the Amazon-owned platform. The Canadian had been banned from the service after blurting out a racial slur at the start of April.

Since then, the commentator has been keeping a low profile online, only occasionally retweeting car-related topics or to offer words of support to Vince Hill, who replaced him on the bill in Marseille. He has been absent from casting during this time, partly due to the Twitch ban preventing him from being a major part on any stream and partly to "weigh out my options and where I wish to see myself long term".

His return to streaming was entitled with a quote from the great American writer Mark Twain, crafted when multiple people had wrongly reported on his death. The potential inclination here, of course, would be a potential return to casting is on the horizon. During the stream, he stated that he has enjoyed the break, even with circumstances leading up to it.