CS:GO Dictionary. Part 2

The definitions of words that are commonly used in-game

The first part of our dictionary: https://csgo.com/news/17845-csgo-dictionary-part-1

- N1: Nice one.
- NA: Literally means "North America(n)", but is often used as a prefix to describe a misplay (due to the infamously lacklustre performance by North American CS:GO teams at big tournaments). An example of this would be "NA flash", meaning, a badly thrown flashbang.
- Nerfed: when a weapon is nerfed, it means that the creator of the game (Valve in this case) weakens a weapon that used to be too powerful.
- Ninja defuse: Defusing a bomb while the enemy team is unaware of it, not killing anyone.
- No-scope: Shooting with a sniper while not looking through the scope.
- Noob/newb/newbie: Probably the most popular insult in online gaming. Someone who is new to the game and isn't good at it is a ''Noob''.
- Ns: Nice shot.
- Nt: Nice try.

- One deag: A one shot headshot kill with the Desert Eagle.
- One-tap: A one shot headshot kill.
- One-way smoke: A smoke that can only be seen through from one angle.
- OP: Abbreviation for ''overpowered'', which means that a weapon is too powerful.
- OT: Overtime.

- Peek: Exposing yourself to view an area of the map and gather information.
- Pick: Opening kill on an opponent.
- Ping: The amount of milliseconds it takes for your client to get a response from the server. Often related to lag (high ping = very laggy, low ping = not laggy), though this is not necessarily the case.
- Pistol round: The first round of each half. In these rounds, no player has enough money to buy a weapon other than a pistol, which clarifies the name.
- Pop-flash: Flashbang that ''explodes'' (pops) before the enemy can look away.
- Pre-aiming: A skill whereby a player positions their crosshairs before peeking, to be on a certain position while peeking, without having to further adjust their crosshairs.
- Prefiring: Shooting a spot preemptively, so that you get a kill in case the enemy is actually there
- PUG: Pick-up game.
- Pushing: Making an offensive move (offensive as in attacking), individually or as a team.

- Quad kill: Killing 4 enemies in rapid succession.
- Quasi-buy: A sort of forcebuy that will allow the team to still buy the next round.
- Quickscope: Shooting immediately after scoping in when using a sniper rifle.

- Reset: Winning a round against a team that has just won a round themselves, thereby resetting their loss bonus back to $1400.
- Runboost: A type of boost that involves the players involved to run, with the one on top jumping off after having reached a high speed. This allows the boosted player to jump a much further distance than usual.
- Rushing: playing very aggressive and quick, instead of playing sneaky or strategic.
- Rotate: Change plans and move to another area of the map. For example, if the original plan was to go B but it appears to not be working out, you can ''rotate'' to bombsite A.

- Saving: Not trying to win a difficult situation such as a 1v4, and instead hiding somewhere to survive and keep your weapon.
- Scout: Other word for the SSG 08 sniper rifle.
- Scrim: A practice match of competitive between two teams.
- Shoulder-peeking: Quickly exposing your shoulder to an awper to lure him into firing a shot.
- Smurfing: Making a second account with a lower rank/deranking, usually in order to play against lower-ranked players and win more easily.
- Spamming: Shooting through an object.
- Split: A site attack from multiple ingress points.
- Spray pattern: The way in which the weapon backfires when shooting full-auto. with most weapons, this is: Far up, slightly left, right, left.
- Stacking: Sending more players to an area of the map than you normally would.
- Strafe Jump: A special jumping technique that allows the player to jump slightly further than usual. It is used to reach special locations, that cannot be accessed without a boost otherwise.
- Strat: Strategy.
- Support: This player plays a more passive role than the rest of the team. A good support player is patient, calm and has good knowledge of nades.
- Swag-7: Nickname for the Mag-7 shotgun.

- Tagged: Having taken/done a relatively small amount of damage.
- Throwing: Losing a match on purpose, sometimes for match-fixing reasons.
- (Being on) Tilt: Playing badly due to anger and/or frustration.
- Tk: Teamkill (Killing a teammate).
- Toxic: A player is toxic when they behave like a tool.
- Trade: The event in which both teams get a kill soon after eachother.
- Triggerbot: A hack that makes one's gun fire as soon as its crosshair is on a player.

- Utility: All sorts of grenades.

- VAC: Valve Anti-Cheat. People will often say ''VAC'' or ''VACation'' when they suspect someone is cheating.
- Volvo: Used to refer to Valve, the creators of CS:GO.

- Wallbanging: Shooting through penetratable surfaces.
- Wallhack: A type of hack that allows the player to see through walls. Also referred to as ''wh'' or "walls".
- Whiffing: Missing one or more shots.
- wp: Well played.