Mauisnake: Falcons players have highest salaries on CS2 pro scene

Analyst Alex "Mauisnake" Ellenberg revealed the approximate amounts that the top clubs from HLTV's world ranking spend on player salaries. He shared this information with his viewers on stream.

Members of Falcons' Counter-Strike 2 roster receive the highest salaries – according to Mauisnake, the club pays them (in total) $240,000 per month. The top three by this indicator also includes Liquid and FaZe – they spend $195,000 and $190,000 monthly on salaries, respectively.

Members of Team Spirit earn about $100,000 monthly per team – same as NAVI players receive a little more than the Dragons and the Bears – $120,000.

The roster with the highest salaries, Falcons, currently occupies No. 15 in HLTV ranking. Team Spirit is still in first place. The up-to-date ranking can be found in our article.