Former CS 1.6 pro player founds his own club

Former Counter-Strike 1.6 pro player Dennis "walle" Wallenberg has founded his own esports organization called Elite Klan.

Elite Klan has already announced the acquisition of the Finnish club Vellamo along with a CS2 roster that includes little-known players from Finland; The team is currently not included in HLTV ranking. Moreover, Elite Klan has signed a women's Counter-Strike 2 lineup – it will compete under the Team Violet tag.

Among other things, by the end of the year the organization plans to launch its own marketplace for professional gamers, where it will be possible to purchase computers, gaming tables/chairs, devices and other peripherals.

walle, the 37-year-old founder of Elite Klan, competed on the CS 1.6 pro scene from 2001 to 2010. The Swede represented such teams as SK, NIP, mTw, etc. Throughout his career, he earned $110,000 in prize money.

walle emphasized that his organization will not cooperate with sponsors from the betting/gambling industry.

 Elite Klan VELLAMO are now:

 Ville "VilleS" Saviniemi
 Mikko "ItzMqss" Heiskanen
 Joonas "VeleHo" Sipilä
 Jero "StE4" Kuula
 Veeti "Veiska" Pekkola

 Wille “r0usty” Turunen (coach)