Cloud9's manager: "All trials were carried out in full interaction with clubs, requests, communication"

Manager of Cloud9's Counter-Strike 2 roster Alexandr "sweetypotz" Shcherbakov denied rumors that the team was allegedly trialing some players which are not free agents without their current organizations' awareness. Alexandr told about this via his personal Telegram channel.

All the trials that we conducted (not one or two) were carried out in full interaction with clubs, requests, communication with management, dates, a clear plan and in most cases, with the arrival of potential candidates to the bootcamp.

All players that were trialed played praccs. They cannot be played "in secret".

Moreover, Shcherbakov explained why so many rumors have been surfacing on the web lately regarding Cloud9 and potential players of the club's new roster.

If players in their free time play FACEIT with someone (really surprising), especially when there were not even 3 people on the squad, and each of their mix is ​​included in the roster, then we would have a full-fledged football team with a lineup of 22 people and a massive bench.

Again, the news sources began to force it and post almost every FACEIT game played by the guys. No one will be able to pass unnoticed there.

Finally, sweetypotz explained why the American club has not yet revealed a single new player – first, according to the manager, Cloud9 wants to assemble an entire roster and sign all the necessary paperwork.

Earlier, insiders Vlad "harumi" Radvilovich and Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov stated that trials "behind the backs" at Cloud9 could have caused the exclusion of Kaisar "ICY" Faiznurov from AMKAL's starting five.