"They scammed us". 5W's lineup led by Thomas departs club

Briton Thomas "Thomas" Utting announced that his team has severed all ties with Indian organization 5W. He told about this via his X social media account.

Note that the squad was signed by the club exactly a month ago – on May 18, 2024. A couple of weeks later, the eminent Polish esports athlete Mariusz "Loord" Cybulski joined the roster as a coach.

As Thomas admitted, the players were scammed – 5W's management broke their promises and stopped all communication with them.

5W has scammed us unfortunately and gone back on their word, and have stopped all communication with players. <...> Interesting fact is that they paid several players upfront to sign the some players, then they totally vanished. <...>

From our understand they are millionares so money wasn't a problem, they legit just stopped replying, fired our GM (Media guy vanished) and they never responded again.

Thomas added that he and his teammates will continue to compete together, as they are now looking for a new organization.

The roster played 14 maps under the auspices of 5W at the regional online tournament Regional Clash Arena Europe 2024. They placed first at the event and received $30,000 in prize money.

 Ex-5W are:

 Thomas "⁠Thomas⁠" Utting
 Joel "⁠joel⁠" Holmlund
 Deyvid "⁠h4rn⁠" Benchev
 Hristiyan "⁠REDSTAR⁠" Pironkov
 Luca "⁠pr1metapz⁠" Voigt

 Mariusz "Loord" Cybulski (coach)

Origin: x.com