ESL Challenger Jönköping 2024 viewer's guide

LAN tournament ESL Challenger Jönköping 2024 will be held from June 14 to 16 in Jönköping, Sweden with the participation of eight teams – they will compete for $100,000 in prize money and a slot at ESL Pro League Season 20.

The group stage of the event will play out in a GSL format (two groups of four rosters). The openers will be BO1, while all other matches – BO3.

The two strongest squads from each group will fight in the playoffs, which will take place in a Single Elimination BO3 format.

The seeding of teams in the group stage looks as follows:

Group A

 TheMongolz (bLitz, Techno, Senzu, mzinho, 910)
 Falcons (Snappi, dupreeh, Magisk, Maden, SunPayus)
 Aurora (Lack1, KENSI, Norwi, deko, r3salt)
 Party Astronauts (WolfY, ben1337, Infinite, cxzi, FaNg)

Group B

 Complexity (EliGE, JT, floppy, hallzerk, Grim)
 MIBR (exit, saffee, drop, brnz4n, insani)
 ENCE (gla1ve, sdy, Goofy, Kylar, podi)
 Alliance (twist, robiin, PlesseN, b0denmaster, avid)

The prize pool distribution looks as follows:

1. $50,000 + ESL Pro League Season 20 slot
2. $20,000
3-4. $10,000 each
5-6. $3,000 each
7-8. $2,000 each

The full schedule and live broadcasts of the ESL Challenger Jönköping 2024 matches can be found on the tournament page on our website via the link.