swag intends to return to Counter-Strike pro scene

Famous in the past CS:GO player Braxton "swag" Pierce intends to return to the Counter-Strike pro scene. During a show on the MonsterEnergy Twitch channel, the American told that early next year Valve may lift his lifetime ban from participating in Majors and other official tournaments, which he received in 2015 for participating in match-fixing activities.

Valve was saying that, I think, January of next year I'll be eligible to compete in Valve tournaments. We've come a long way. It's the 10-year anniversary from when we got banned. We'll see if I still have it in me.

Note that Pierce and his teammates from iBUYPOWER were caught deliberately losing a match for the purpose of financial gain – some of the players made bets against themselves. As a result, Valve permanently banned them from participating in Majors.

In 2017, swag returned to the pro scene, despite the active ban, but did not achieve any significant results. As soon as in 2020, he exited CS:GO for a career in Valorant, where he signed a contract with T1, but after a year and a half he left esports and became a full-time streamer.

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