TheMongolz advance to MESA Nomadic Masters Spring 2024 grand final

TheMongolz became the first finalist of MESA Nomadic Masters Spring 2024. The Mongolian squad had a successful run through the upper bracket, consecutively defeating Gaimin Gladiators, Aurora and BLEED.

Notably, the Byambasuren "bLitz" Garidmagnai-led roster finished all three matches en route to the grand final with a scoreline of 2:0.

TheMongolz's opponent will be determined in the lower bracket final, where Aurora and BLEED will face off – the match will take place tomorrow, June 2, at 6:00 CEST. In turn, the grand final is scheduled for 11:30 CEST and will be held in a BO5 format.

The current results of MESA Nomadic Masters Spring 2024 are:

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