Qualifiers for Major to take place on same dates as BLAST tournament

The organizers of this year's second Counter-Strike 2 Major – Perfect World Shanghai Major 2024 – did not take into account the overlap in the schedules of the RMRs and another big tournament, namely BLAST Premier World Final 2024.

According to an announcement released today by the tournament operator Perfect World, three out of the four upcoming RMR events will play out simultaneously with the aforementioned BLAST competition.

Thus, BLAST Premier World Final 2024 will be held from November 13 to 17. The tournament will overlap with the RMRs in Asia (November 11 – 14), Americas (November 12 – 15) and partly in Europe (Group A will be played from November 17 to 20, while Group B – from November 21 to 24).

All RMR tournaments for Perfect World Shanghai Major 2024 will be held in Shanghai, China. The venue for BLAST Premier World Final 2024 remains unknown at the moment. None of the organizers have yet commented on the scheduling conflict.