HEROIC knock M80 out of IEM Dallas 2024; Team Spirit to compete in Group B final

The second playday at IEM Dallas 2024 kicked off with the matches of Group B. In the first round of the lower bracket, HEROIC prevailed over M80 (13:9 on Ancient and 13:8 on Mirage), while in the upper bracket upper bracket semi-finals, Team Spirit defeated NAVI (13:4 on Ancient and 13:8 on Nuke).

As a result, M80 finished in last place, while Team Spirit secured a spot in the playoffs by reaching the group final. In turn, HEROIC and NAVI will continue competing in the lower bracket.

Today's IEM Dallas 2024 program will continue with the Group B matches: FaZe – Virtus.pro and BIG – FlyQuest.

Group B bracket looks as follows:

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