Preparation of operation similar to event from Dota 2 found in CS2 files

With the latest updates, CS2 developers have added functionality to the game engine that allows to create operations similar to events from Dota 2. The author of the YouTube channel MOLEKURYATNIK told about this.

The data-miner found references to the system of missions and NPC-related code in the game files. He concluded that Valve is definitely preparing an operation for CS2 in the style of the recent Crownfall event in Dota 2 with a map and a reward system.

The source admitted that it is difficult to predict when the first operation for the new version of Valve's shooter will be ready.

Note that the latest operation for Counter-Strike was released at the end of 2021 under the name Riptide. Along with it, agents, new maps, skins and modes appeared in the game, while the reward system for Operation Pass owners included the option to choose a cosmetic item at their discretion.