Animated banners for MVP rounds may be added to CS2

Counter-Strike 2 developers are working on adding animations for the banners that pop up at the end of the round with the name of the most valuable player. The author of the YouTube channel MOLEKURYATNIK shared the discovery in the latest game update data.

According to the reported information, the banner will feature small animated agents performing the action that was key to receiving the MVP award. The files contained animations of planting a bomb, rescuing hostage, a double kill in a pistol round, and many others.

Moreover, the data-miner found confirmation that the developers have not abandoned the idea of adding "pets", leaks about which appeared back in CS:GO. In particular, for the chicken, which has been already added to the game, an animation of the player's first-person inspect appeared.

Note that on the night of May 24, a large update was released for CS2, which affected the gameplay aspects of the shooter. The full list of changes can be found via the link.