Eternal Fire and GamerLegion through to CCT Global Finals 2024 semi-finals

One more playday ended at CCT Global Finals 2024, based on the results of which all the semi-finalists of the online tournament have been determined.

In the first round of the tournament bracket, Eternal Fire defeated BetBoom Team with a scoreline of 2:1 (3:13 on Mirage, 13:8 on Vertigo, 13:4 on Dust2), while GamerLegion prevailed over AMKAL (19:17 on Ancient, 9:13 on Vertigo, 13:11 on Nuke).

The losing teams shared 5th-8th place at the event with ENCE and Aurora and received $12,500 in prize money. The winners advanced to the next round, where they will face off tomorrow to secure a spot in the final of the tournament.

Note that CCT Global Finals 2024 takes place from May 16 to 23 with the participation of 16 rosters. The event features a prize pool of $500,000.

Playoff bracket looks as follows:

The results, schedule and live broadcast of CCT Global Finals 2024 can be found at via the link.