ENCE and Aurora eliminated from CCT Global Finals 2024

Two more teams finished their journey at the $500,000 online event CCT Global Finals 2024.

In the first round of the tournament bracket, ENCE lost to Liquid (2:13 on Nuke, 10:13 on Ancient), while Aurora got bested by Astralis with a scoreline of 1:2 (13:4 on Mirage, 6:13 on Ancient, 2:13 on Nuke).

The defeated teams placed 5th-8th at the event and received $12,500 in prize money. The winners advanced to the next round of the bracket, where tomorrow they will face off to advance to the tournament final.

Today, the CCT Global Finals 2024 organizers will hold two more matches in the final stage of the competition: Eternal Fire will face BetBoom Team, while GamerLegion will fight against AMKAL.

Playoff bracket looks as follows:

The results, schedule and live broadcast of CCT Global Finals 2024 can be found at CSGO.com via the link.