CCT Global Finals 2024 viewer's guide

A big online tournament CCT Global Finals 2024 will take place from May 16 to 23. 16 teams from Europe and America will fight for a prize pool of $500,000.

The competition will kick off with a group stage, which will be held in a GSL format (four groups of four teams each). Two strongest rosters from each group will advance to the playoffs; the remaining squads will get relegated from the event.

The playoff stage will play out in a Single Elimination format. All matches of the tournament, except the final, will be BO3s.

The group stage seeding looks as follows:

Group A

 Eternal Fire (MAJ3R, XANTARES, woxic, Calyx, Wicadia)
 SAW (MUTiRiS, roman, story, ewjerkz, arrozdoce)
 Aurora (Lack1, KENSI, Norwi, deko, r3salt)
 PARIVISION (Jerry, Qikert, BELCHONOKK, Patsi, ArtFr0st)

Group B

 ENCE (gla1ve, Goofy, dycha, hades, Kylar)
 Gaimin Gladiators (Nodios, Patti, Queenix, kraghen, salazar)
 GamerLegion (Snax, volt, sl3nd, aNdu, FL4MUS)
 fnatic (KRIMZ, bodyy, blameF, afro, MATYS)

Group C

 paiN (biguzera, nqz. kauez, snow, lux)
 Liquid (cadiaN, NAF, Twistzz, YEKINDAR, skullz)
 OG (k1to, F1KU, HeavyGod, Nexius, MoDo)
 AMKAL (Krad, Forester, TRAVIS, ICY, Sdaim)

Group D

 Astralis (device, stavn, br0, jabbi. Staehr)
 MIBR (exit, saffee, drop, brnz4n, insani)
 BIG (tabseN, syrsoN, JDC, prosus, Krimbo)
 BetBoom Team (zorte, nafany, s1ren, KaiR0N-, Magnojez)

The prize pool distribution is:

1. $250,000
2. $100,000
3-4. $50,000 each
5-8. $12,500 each

The full schedule and live broadcasts of CCT Global Finals 2024 can be found on the tournament page on our website via this link.