Fluxo and Solid to participate in big LAN tournament RES Regional Champions 2024

Fluxo and Solid became the first confirmed participants of RES Regional Champions 2024, which was announced a month ago. Brazilian teams received tickets to the upcoming LAN tournament through the regional ranking for Latin America, which was formed based on the RES series online tournaments.

Fluxo and Solid became the leaders, having scored 140 and 130 points, respectively. paiN, Imperial and MIBR were left behind by a slight margin.

The final RES Latin American Series Ranking

Four European representatives will also be determined based on the regional ranking. As of now, after three online tournaments in the RES series, Nemiga, BLEED, fnatic and MOUZ NXT are in the lead.

Note that RES Regional Champions 2024 will take place from October 16 to 19 in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Eight participants, two of which will receive a direct invite, will compete for a prize pool of $250,000.

The team list for RES Regional Champions 2024 looks as follows:

 Invite #1
 Invite #2
 RES Europe Ranking #1
RES Europe Ranking #2
RES Europe Ranking #3
RES Europe Ranking #4