Over 26,000 accounts banned in less than two weeks in CS2

A big update on April 26, which added the Overwatch system to Counter-Strike 2, had a positive effect on the number of cheaters in the game.

According to the CS2 Stats service, over 26,000 accounts were banned in CS2 after the patch was released. Out of these, 17,800 accounts received a VAC ban, while the remaining 8,300 bans were game bans. The largest number of accounts (5,100) were banned on May 3.

This amount of bans represents a small percentage of the total number of Counter-Strike 2 accounts: CS2 Stats is checking over 32 million Steam accounts which have played CS2.

Not long ago, data-miner Maxim "Gabe Follower" Poletaev reported that Valve had not yet finished working on Overwatch – according to him, the functionality of the system is still not fully implemented in the game.

Origin: t.me