trace departs CPH Wolves

Dane Martin "trace" Heldt has left his position of a CPH Wolves CS2 roster's coach. The organization officially announced this via its social media accounts, adding that he has done a lot of work in the team over the past few months.

According to the official announcement, this decision was made by mutual agreement of the parties, although it was initially planned that trace's contract with the club would last a few more weeks – until the summer. As the esports athlete himself stated, he completed all the tasks that CPH Wolves' management had set for him.

trace started working with CPH Wolves in January of this year. Prior to this, he was a coach in Into The Breach, Astralis, ECSTATIC and other clubs. The Dane has already announced his search for a new job – preferably in the same role.

 CPH Wolves are now:

 Victor "vigg0" Bisgaard
 Hubert "szejn" Światły
 Sebastian "Basso" Aagaard
 Frederik "Fessor" Sørensen
 Leo "Svedjehed" Svedjehed