NAVI and Complexity to compete in ESL Pro League Season 19 playoffs

NAVI and Complexity became the first finalists of Group D at ESL Pro League Season 19. They secured the playoff spots by reaching the upper bracket final.

In the upper bracket semi-finals, NAVI bested BIG (9:13 on Anubis, 13:3 on Nuke and 13:7 on Ancient), while Complexity prevailed over HEROIC (5:13 on Nuke, 13:11 on Vertigo and 13:7 on Anubis). The defeated teams will continue competing in the middle bracket.

At the same time, today the competition kicked off in the middle bracket of Group D, where FlyQuest and NIP secured the first victories. The Australian squad defeated BOSS (13:11 on Inferno and 13:3 on Ancient), while the roster of the Turkish club got the better of NIP (13:5 on Anubis, 8:13 on Vertigo and 19:17 on Ancient).

The BIG – PERA and FlyQuest – HEROIC matchups in the middle bracket semi-finals of Group D will open tomorrow's playday at EPL. In the evening an elimination match will play out between BOSS and NIP. In turn, the upper bracket final NAVI – Complexity is scheduled for May 5.

The current Group D bracket looks as follows:

The results, schedule and live broadcast of ESL Pro League Season 19 can be found at via the link.