Report: coldzera to continue his career in RED Canids

Well-known Brazilian esports athlete Marcelo "coldzera" David has signed a contract with RED Canids. Dust2 Brasil journalists have obtained the corresponding information.

According to the source, RED Canids will officially make an announcement in the near future.

David will take the place of Lucas "DeStiNy" Bullo, who left the team following their failure in the qualifiers for PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024. It is known that Ricardo "boltz" Prass and Victor "gafolo" Andrade were also considered as potential replacements for the kicked player.

coldzera will continue his career in RED Canids after departing Legacy a month ago. The decision to part ways with the former club was made by mutual agreement of the parties.

RED Canids' suggested lineup looks as follows:

 Carlos "⁠venomzera⁠" Eduardo
 Gabriel "⁠nython⁠" Lino
 Wesley "⁠hardzao⁠" Lopes
 David "⁠dav1deuS⁠" Tapia Maldonado
 Marcelo "⁠coldzera⁠" David

 Sebastian "⁠righi⁠" Righi (coach)