Media: Sharks asks around €125,000 from MIBR for n1ssim's buyout

Portuguese club Sharks has estimated the cost of the transfer of Vinicius "n1ssim" Pereira, whom paiN wants to acquire, in 684,000 Brazilian reals (~€125,000). Dust2 Brasil journalists found out about this.

According to the published information, the parties initially agreed on a loan deal for the player with the option of further buyout for €20,000, but paiN did not inform Sharks about its desire to use this opportunity within the specified period. A misunderstanding of this condition in the agreement factually caused the deal to fall through.

Note that paiN had to approve n1ssim's buyout by February 29, a month before the expiration of the loan deal. Later, after successfully qualifying for PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024, the Brazilian club initiated negotiations, counting on a price of €20,000, but Sharks put forward new conditions – 50% of the buyout in the player's contract, that is €125,000.

In a comment to Dust2 Brasil, both clubs stated that the other side had misinterpreted clauses in their agreement regarding Pereira's loan. At the moment, paiN and Sharks continue discussions, while the latter is ready to make concessions on the transfer price, but does not intend to bring the previous conditions back.