Gods Reign complete team list for Skyesports Masters 2024

Gods Reign secured the last slot in the team list for Skyesports Masters 2024. The Indian roster won the national qualifier, in the final of which they bested True Rippers with a scoreline of 3:2.

Besides Gods Reign, competing for a prize pool of $350K will be ENCE, NIP, BIG, OG and Aurora, which became the holders of direct invites, as well as FORZE and BetBoom Team – the finalists of the European qualifier.

As it became known previously, Skyesports Masters 2024 will be held online from April 8 to 14. The LAN event was cancelled because of difficulties with approving the venue amid the parliamentary elections in India.

The team list for Skyesports Masters 2024 looks as follows:

 BetBoom Team
Gods Reign