9 Pandas on missing Major: "Time frame for obtaining visa exceeded established procedure"

Russian club 9 Pandas has officially commented on the inability to attend PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024. The reason was that the deadline for obtaining Schengen visas was exceeded, despite compliance with the regulations for submitting all the necessary documents.

Despite compliance with the regulations for submitting the documents, some of the team players were unable to obtain Schengen visa required to travel to Denmark. We are forced to withdraw from the tournament.

After the RMR tournament, the team needed to obtain new visas to travel to the Major; the entire roster flew to Russia to submit documents. The management of the organization prepared everything necessary in advance, but the time frame for obtaining Schengen visas exceeded the established procedure.

In turn, 9 Pandas players reported via their social media accounts that visas were approved on March 14, but not all members of the roster were able to get their passports in order to travel to Denmark on time.

Earlier today, the organizers of PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 have announced that 9 Pandas will not be able to attend the tournament, while the Russian team's slot was given to GamerLegion. Note that the replacement occurred just a day before the start of the event.

Origin: t.me