ZywOo extends contract with Vitality until end of 2026

Famous French esports athlete Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut has come to an agreement with Vitality to extend his contract until the end of 2026. The club announced this during a public event organized near the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

According to Vitality Executive President Fabien "Neo" Devide, negotiations with the player lasted for 9-10 months. He also stated that Herbaut received one of the best, if not the absolute best, contract in the history of Counter-Strike.

ZywOo has been representing Vitality since October 2018. During this period, he became the key player of the team and helped it to win multiple prestigious tournaments, including BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023. It should also be noted that the 23-year-old Frenchman was named the best player of the year on the CS:GO pro scene three times, including last year.

Note that Vitality has also recently renewed contracts with Dan "apEX" Madesclaire and Lotan "Spinx" Giladi until the end of 2026.

 Vitality's current lineup looks as follows:

 Dan "⁠apEX⁠" Madesclaire
 Mathieu "⁠ZywOo⁠" Herbaut
 Shahar "⁠flameZ⁠" Shushan
 Lotan "⁠Spinx⁠" Giladi
 William "⁠mezii⁠" Merriman

 Rémy "XTQZZZ" Quoniam (coach)