Team Spirit Academy to assemble new roster around alpha

Team Spirit is forming a new academy roster. Insider and the Dragons' scout Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov told about this via his Telegram channel.

Reportedly, the youth team will be reassembled around IGL Daniil "alpha" Demin. The club will finish trialing potential rookies for the academy by the end of March.

Birukov did not disclose the reasons for the decision to disband the current lineup. However, earlier he told that the statistical leader of the team, Kirill "Magnojez" Rodnov, could be bought out by BetBoom Team.

The latest lineup of Team Spirit Academy looks as follows:

 Oleg "baz" Kulynych
Kirill "Magnojez" Rodnov
Denis "notineki" Kalachev
Timur "keegaN" Guzairov
Daniil "alpha" Demin

Dmitriy "S0tF1k" Forostyanko (coach)