CS2 update changes system of spawn and improves Inferno

Counter-Strike 2 Release Notes for 2/28/2024

– Spawn position is no longer randomly determined when a player reconnects to a server during freeze time. The spawn point sequence is now configured at the beginning of the map and is saved/restored from round backup files.
    - In official matchmaking servers, players who disconnect and reconnect during freeze time will respawn in the spawn point they were assigned at the beginning of the round.
    - On community servers, players who disconnect and reconnect during freeze time will be assigned one of the five spawn positions assigned to the team that round.
    - When restoring from round backup files (which is recommended in tournament settings after disconnects/reconnects), players will spawn in the positions they were originally assigned at the beginning of that round.
– Fixed a bug where players would see a black screen after disconnecting and reconnecting multiple times during a technical timeout.
– Fixed a bug where players disconnecting and reconnecting to a competitive match would incorrectly interact with bot spawning algorithm.
– Fixed some cases where MVP music would not play or would play over round end music.
– Fixed a bug in Deathmatch where kills during warmup would count towards healthshot reward and Zeus score bonus.
– Fixed players jumping higher than normal when toggling low framerate.
– Fixed an instance of weapon switches sometimes being ignored by the server.
– Fixed smoke shadow rendering issues and improvements to perf.
– Fixed a bug where the game would crash on Linux while alt-tabbing.
– Fixed some cases where a frame rate hitch would occur due to compiling shaders.
– Improved behavior when user input does not arrive on the server in time due to packet loss or client frame rate issues.
– Adjusted various music kit cues in NIGHTMODE Music Kit box (ISOxo, Knock2, and TWERL and Ekko & Sidetrack).
– Fixed a case where some players in North America would always fail to accept a match on a server in Europe due to SDR choosing an invalid route.
– Players who get kicked from official competitive servers for too many suicides will now be issued a competitive cooldown.
– Adjusted the logic tracking player idle state to exclude round freezetime and timeout periods.
– Chickens no longer interact with dropped weapons.
– Sniper scope overlay no longer appears in tool viewports (such as Hammer).


– Adjusted spawn location priorities for Premier and Competitive game modes in Anubis, Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Overpass, and Vertigo.


– Fixed community reported gaps in map and Trike model.
– Raised plywood at top of Banana to cover head visibility.
– Smoothed ground movement in Banana and Bombsite A.
– Raised Arch exit towards Mid (or "Raised arch in Arch").
– Removed bench at Arch near Library.
– Removed construction cone at Underpass.


– Fix lightmaps being capped at 4k resolution in CS2 Workshop Tools.
– Updated sticker inspect to support wear in 0.1 increments to match sticker scraping.
– Added roughness texture to foil stickers in the Item Editor.
– Updated help system for new sticker features.

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