CS2 update adds HUD tracking FPS and fixes some bugs

Counter-Strike 2 Release Notes for 2/15/2024


– Fix for animations when climbing ladders.
– Fix for menu agents wielding tasers.
– Fix for Kukri knife hold animation during team intro sequence.


– spec_lock_to_accountid and spec_lock_to_current_player commands are now available for casters/observers.
– spec_player and spec_goto now works in CSTV and demo playback.
– tv_secure_bypass server setting now allows connecting HLAE observers to VAC secure CSTV servers.


– In Deathmatch, the Zeus can be bought each life and will rebuy if not in random weapon mode.
– In Deathmatch, getting a second Zeus kill in the same life will earn double points.
– mp_modify_timeouts server-side command allows adding/subtracting a tactical timeout from CT/T team if backup file is restored or a team incorrectly took a tactical timeout instead of a technical timeout.


– Start of warmup and end of warmup will now produce a log message in the game server log.
– Reported damage no longer has a rounding error when reported in the game server log.


– Improved viewmodel animation smoothness when client framerates get low or unstable.
– Fixed issues with implementation of scancode-based key bindings. Bindings are now independent of input locales.
– Added performance diagnostic HUD element that can be configured in Game Settings menu ("Telemetry").
– Deleted cq_netgraph and cq_netgraph_problem_show_auto. Instead, use cl_hud_telemetry_serverrecvmargin_graph_show.
– Fix for sometimes failing to connect to a local practice server without Steam connectivity.
– Fixed a bug with Skill Group animation at the end of competitive matches.
– Fixed sniper scope performance hitch and adjusted visual treatment.
– Various performance improvements.



– Fixed grenade clipping around AC unit at B-site.
– Fixed clipping of pillar at T-Start that would potentially allow bomb to be thrown into unreachable area.


– Adjusted clipping around Vents entrance to prevent players' feet clipping through the vent geo.
– Improved collision of sliding door meshes at Ramp.


– Added and removed a ladder near boost spot by T spawn.
– Fixed a couple of spots where bomb could be thrown out of the map.


– Clipping improvements.
– Fixed some disappearing mesh.

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