Organizers to increase number of slots at fourth open qualifier for RMR

Tournament operator PGL and the Challengermode platform have increased the number of available slots for participants at the fourth open qualifier for the RMR tournament. This became known in the explanation on the qualifier page.

Note that yesterday, January 12, the organizers were criticized due to the established restrictions on the number of participants in the open qualifiers. Previously, up to 1,024 rosters could take part in one qualifier, which is why some teams were not seeded.

Now PGL and Challengermode have doubled the number of available spots. If the number of registered teams exceeds 1024, the organizers will divide them into two groups.

Moreover, the fourth open qualifier for Europe will run one day longer, from January 14 to 16. This is due to the fact that the best teams from each group will compete for tickets to the closed stage of the qualifiers in a single bracket.