CS2 update fixes loadout bugs and other issues

Counter-Strike 2 Release Notes for 1/4/2024


– Fixed cases where there was a visible delay loading map images in the Play menu.
– Fixed a bug where items that can't be equipped were visible in the Loadout menu.
– Fixed a bug where loadout items couldn't be unequipped.
– Fixed a bug where loadout changes weren't saved if the game was quit shortly after making changes.
– Fixed a bug where loadout changes on the main menu character were delayed.


– Fixed some visual issues with demo playback.
– Fixed an issue where animations would not play back correctly in a CSTV broadcast.
– Adjusted wear values of some community stickers to better match CS:GO.



– Added simplified grenade collisions to corner trims and central pillar on B site.


– Adjusted clipping at A site steps between Walkway and Heaven.

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