Sico departs Grayhound's roster after 5 years

Australian club Grayhound announced via its social media accounts parting ways with the veteran of the current roster, Simon "Sico" Williams. The 29-year-old esports athlete from New Zealand spent almost 5 years on this team.

Together with his teammates, Sico represented Renegades, ORDER and Grayhound at different times. For a long time, his team stood as the unquestionable leader in the region, representing Oceania at Majors.

Williams' team has been competing for Grayhound since September 2022. The greatest achievements during this period were several victories at the regional level, as well as successful qualification for IEM Rio Major 2022 and Paris Major 2023.

Expectedly, Grayhound's roster will be completed in the near future. In a week, the Australian giant will travel to the capital of Thailand to participate in CS2 Thailand Invitational, Asian LAN tournament with a prize pool of $50K.

 Grayhound's current lineup is:

 Alistair "⁠aliStair⁠" Johnston
 Joshua "⁠INS⁠" Potter
 Jay "⁠Liazz⁠" Tregillgas
 Declan "⁠Vexite⁠" Portelli

Erdenetsogt "erkaSt" Gantulga (coach)