Thour: Counter-Strike 2 FPS on Windows 11 is higher than on Windows 10

Data-miner Thour shared via his Twitter account Counter-Strike 2 performance benchmark on different versions of Windows. He found out that FPS on Windows 11 is 4.9% higher than on Windows 10.

Thour compared frame rates between two versions of the operating system using the same configuration. The average FPS in CS2 on Windows 10 was 372.9, while on Windows 11 – 391.2.

However, the data-miner noted that results may vary depending on the system. However, Thour was still surprised by the result, since during previous benchmarks he had not recorded the difference in performance between the operating systems.

Previously, the data-miner recorded an FPS drop in Counter-Strike 2 on all maps by an average of 10%. However, the performance changes after each update of the shooter.